‘Mayday! Mayday!’

Not a cloud in sight today, and on a day with such great weather, I would love to be piloting a small aircraft in the skies above, taking in the fun of flight, observing safe flight practices, and maybe exercising some emergency procedures! Instead I am sat in the garden, discussing two separate IT security breaches, both of which are with companies who are not currently clients of ours.


Although it’s hard to appreciate the benefits of good cybersecurity until you experience an attack and have to pick up the pieces, it shouldn’t have to get to that stage before you take action. As pilots we are taught and, more importantly, trained, for the emergency procedures ahead of any such event. Why do people invest years building reputable businesses and not train, better prepare themselves, or place some importance on IT security?


IT security is not new, folks. It’s evolved much like most things around us, and it doesn’t have to be a burden on your budget; it’s an investment to protect your business. This year we started taking our customers through the Cyber Essentials framework and securing certification. Whilst it provides some reassurance that the right measures are implemented, it also acts as an indicator to your customers that, even if you can never rid yourself of the possibility of experiencing an issue, you have at least implemented controls and measures to minimise the risk.


I always enjoy a good conversation around the subject, so if you want some advice or even a sense of direction on the subject, drop me a message. The risk takers can just continue to overlook it, but those more sensible could even join as customers, and maybe one day come for a flight where I can let you experience a similar feeling to a security breech without putting your business at risk!