Top 5 IT Challenges for SMBs

Rapid evolution of technology has forced small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) to jump into the world of digitisation and automation in order to reap the benefits. Unfortunately, smaller organisations are often faced with problems that the top dogs rarely have to think about. This blog identifies some of those challenges and the impact they could be having on your business.


A lack of IT experience.

Larger companies often benefit from their ability to staff an IT department. This means their in-house resources usually have the combined experience for most problems they meet, so they very rarely have to turn to consultation from third parties. While some SMBs are certainly able to hire a dedicated full-time IT manager, not all have this luxury. You may simply have to settle with an existing member of staff, with different areas of expertise.


Managing the scalability of your IT.

Let’s face it, we all want our businesses to flourish! The IT system you started out with may have been appropriate at the time, but as your SMB starts to grow, so will the pressure on your IT infrastructure. As your growth speeds up this pressure can intensify exponentially. An IT system not built for scalability might struggle to cope with the newly increased workflow. You could find yourselves overwhelmed having to react to issues that arise, rather than carrying out proactive tasks that help avoid them.


Maintaining IT Security & Compliance.

Your IT security is just as important as it is for the big players in the market. The challenge that small and medium sized businesses face is keeping compliant with government policy and regulation. The time and effort it takes to monitor such rapidly changing legislation, and ensure that you can adapt to it, often leaves SMBs falling behind. This could be bad news when it stands in the way of securing new contracts.


Time management.

In order to remain competitive it’s vitally important for small businesses to keep ahead of the curve, but it’s not at simple as it sounds. When adopting new innovative technologies to stand out from the pack, your staff could face numerous challenges before they can even begin implementing them. How is the new system going to interact with what’s already in place? Do additional systems need to be looked into to work in tandem with it? We all know that staff time is one of the most precious resources for SMBs, but if the responsibility to use and maintain the new technology falls to current members of staff this could end up monopolising their valuable time and them away from other work.


The cost of Technology.

Ah, the sordid topic of coin. The cost of maintaining and upgrading technology has been a bullet all companies have had to bite for some time.  When trying to stay ahead of the game many businesses bring in expertise to manage the adoption of emerging technologies. This expense is felt more keenly by SMBs who simply do not have the same resources at their disposal to tackle these costs. Sadly, this might discourage you from carrying out innovative projects that could ultimately serve to boost your company profile and reputation.


When faced with challenges like the above, SMBs often turn to a Managed Service Provider, like us, to partner with.  This decision means the MSP partner can manage and ease the burden of day-to-day IT operations for staff. It also provides access to a larger pool of IT expertise capable of advising on IT Strategy going forward.