Internet Connectivity

Ensuring businesses experience the right connectivity.

Reliable, scalable, and customised connectivity and Internet solutions.


Whether you require super-fast Internet connectivity, or you wish to build a secure network to transfer data between multiple sites, we have a tailored solution for you. We offer a range of connectivity options that are adjustable to all businesses.


Our solutions range from broadband to dedicated Ethernet circuits and Wavelength services reaching speeds in excess of 10Gbps.


We carry all traffic across our own network and partner with some of the leading carriers in the UK to guarantee a secure, reliable, and ultrafast connection!

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Business Leased Lines provide a dedicated fibre Ethernet connection all the way into your building.

This means they are the perfect solution for a fast growing, bandwidth hungry business.

Here are some more benefits of our leased lines for business:

  • Dedicated

    The speed you pay for becomes the speed your business gets. It removes the whole issue of slow-downs at peak times.

  • 24/7 monitoring and managing

    While you innovate, we’ll be monitoring your service day and night.

  • Cost effective

    It’s easy to flex when demand changes and easy to budget with the knowledge of all the fixed costs up front.

  • Service availability up to 99.85%

    This protects your service and our SLA’s provide compensation in the unlikely event of an interruption.

  • Symmetrical

    Uploading is as fast as downloading.

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What bandwidth do you require?

An internet connection with a larger bandwidth can move a set amount of data (say, a video file) much faster than an internet connection with a lower bandwidth.

Bandwidth is typically expressed in "bits per second", like 60Mbps or 60 Mb/s. 100 Mbps would equal 10MB per second.

Xiria Fibre Ethernet services provide dedicated, un-contended Fibre directly to a business premises offering speeds of 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps.

Our core network offers Software Defined Networking that puts you in control.

Add in our resilient and high capacity IP Transit connections, 10Gbps core backbone, 24x7x365 UK based support and proactive monitoring, isn't it time you switched to Xiria?

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Business Internet

Talk to us about SoGEA! The new entry level ethernet that’s cheaper, easier and quicker to install. Pricing starts from as little as £75 per month.

FTTP Fibre Unlimited

Starting from as little as £40!

Up to 80Mb download & 20Mb upload £40 (ex VAT)
Up to 160Mb download & 30Mb upload £45 (ex VAT)
Up to 330Mb download & 50Mb upload £60 (ex VAT)
Unlimited usage
Static IP address
24 month contract
Free installation
All fibre to the premises

FTTC 80:20 Fibre Unlimited

£25 per month (ex VAT)

Up to 80Mb download
Up to 20Mb upload
Unlimited usage
Static IP address
12 month contract
Free installation
Free hardware
Fibre to the cabinet, copper to the premises

ADSL 2+ Unlimited

£20 per month (ex VAT)

Up to 24Mb download
Up to 1Mb upload
Unlimited usage
Static IP address
12 month contract
Free installation
Free hardware
All copper wires

*Additional IP addresses can be requested across all plans.

Leased Lines & Site-to-Site Connectivity

Both our leased lines and site-to-site connectivity can achieve speeds of up to 10Gbps and come with unlimited 24/7 technical support and monitoring.


Leased Lines

Providing your business with a super-fast connection to the Internet.


With a Xiria leased line, you can experience consistent, symmetrical and high connection speeds, and a secure connection at all times.

Dedicated Fibre
FTTx or 4G backup connection
Symmetric upload and download speeds
Little as 6 hour fix
Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth
Professionally managed hardware
100% target availability
Free installation (subject to survey)

Site-to-Site Connectivity

Leveraging the power of the cloud, we can configure, monitor, and maintain a seamless virtual private network connecting your offices and employees securely through our wide range of connectivity and SD-WAN capabilities.

Quick to deploy
Increased application performance
Simplify network architecture
Reduced costs
Improve security and reduce threats
Professionally managed and monitored
Greater business agility and responsiveness
Simplified management and control

We can combine our services for your solution.

We tailor our services to suit you and your business. You may also benefit from:

Lets discuss your connectivity options.

To get things kicked off, we like to sit down with our clients to discuss their business objectives and operations before offering connectivity options.

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