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Is your business data protected? Check your IT security today

How do you know your IT is secure? The quickest and easiest way is to see if any of your confidential information is available on the internet.


By performing routine IT security checks, you can react to any potential vulnerabilities before they become serious.


Preserving the security of your business and your customer’s confidential information is critical to upholding trust and reputation while also avoiding any potential financial repercussions.


What information could be available on the internet?


  • Passwords and security codes


  • Memorable information (mothers maiden name, first pet)


  • Credit/Debit card or bank details


  • Personal details including date and/or place of birth

Dark Web Check

By performing a free, no-obligation dark web check, you can enhance the safety of your business by stopping cyber-criminals before they act.


This scan thoroughly searches the more notorious areas of the internet to identify any mentions of your domain. The darker parts of the internet are often utilized by cyber-criminals to exchange stolen personal and sensitive information, including financial data such as credit card details and software credentials like passwords and security codes.



What to do if your data is on the Dark Web:


  • Change any passwords which have become public knowledge


  • Contact your bank regarding any financial information leak


  • Set up multi-factor authentication

Your Business IT Security Check

Free Personalised Dark Web Report 

You will receive a free personalised report on every instance where your data is made public to potential cyber criminals.

Actionable Results 

Find out where your business vulnerabilities lie and make a plan to remedy and potential breaches.

Comprehensive/Validated Data

Check every corner of the Dark Web for your confidential data.

Free No Obligation Advice

Discuss your reports findings with our experienced team to see how you can avoid breaches to your data in the future.

Request a Dark Web Check

In partnership with ID Agent, a Kaseya company, Xiria’s dark web check helps you take back control of your confidential data and prevent serious breaches from affecting your business.


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